Llandudno Painting Contractors

Add value and curb appeal to your property by updating and painting your home!  If your property in Llandudno needs the magical touch of a professional painter, contact Llandudno Painters.  Our professional team of Painters Llandudno are fully equipped and trained to take on your painting projects at an affordable price.


By choosing Llandudno Painters you are guaranteed to receive the highest quality finish and customer service to match.  No matter how big or small the painting job, whether it is a home or business, our Painting Contractors Llandudno will take away the hassle from your next painting job.


Magnacoat Llandudno Painters only use the highest quality products, equipment and methods.  We guarantee our work which will meet and exceed your expectations.

We only use high quality paints and materials ensuring your paintwork will last a long time.  Our attention to detail and quality of work is guaranteed.  Contact Us for a free no obligation quotation.




Exterior/Interior Painting

  • Body Corporate
  • Commercial
  • Offices
  • Sectional Title Units
  • Sectional Title Flats
  • Hotels
  • Churches
  • Townhouses
  • Residential Homes
Roof Cleaning/Painting


Before painting commences, repairs such as dampproofing and rust treatment are attended to. The repair process is followed by a cleaning process, where the roof or walls are cleaned with a high pressure cleaner, or steel brushes, to remove loose paint and dirt, depending on the type of surface.



Signs of damp include a band or tide mark wich is clearly visible. Hygroscopic salt deposits e.g chlorides or nitrates on the wall, bubbling paint or damaged plaster confirm a problem exists or as existed previously.   Aided with an electronic moisture meter, our representative will determine the extent and causes of the damp problem.   A complete and proper recommedation is only given after a thorough investigation.

Areas in Cape Town

Southern Suburbs

Atlantic Seaboard

City Bowl

Cape town

Sea Point


Bischops Court

and many more

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082 3412707

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